I’ll try to convince my parents to decorate our house like this for Halloween. Must be a piece of cake.

It’d be fun to see the faces of the guys in the cars passing by!


I’ve just realized it’s time to bring back my former best friend, with whom I’ve had many joyful moments during IB revision. As some of you might remember, we were quite hard to separate, me and my dear stop watch! (Having a déjà vu moment when writing this. Have I written about this old friend before? Hm.. Anyways…)

Ain't it pretty?

The point of using a stop watch is to maximize the efficiency of my studying. I study for 25 minutes, take a break for 5 minutes, study another 25 minutes and then go on like that until I’ve had four study sessions. Then I allow myself a 30 minute break and start all over again. Whenever I start to study I press start  and whenever I take a break I push the stop button. And that does not only go for my 5/30 minutes breaks – whenever I do not study for even the shortest while I stop the timer. Like that I control my studying to a larger extent and make it easier to keep track of how much I do actually study. We set a goal during revision to study at least 8 hours per day, and believe it or not, it turned out to be much more difficult than we thought! Those tiny winy moments you use to change the song on your iPad, go to the toilet or ask your friends about the weekend added up to some giant minutes.

Today, though, I’m not going to let those minutes grow. From now on I’m staying focused on studying and nothing else. So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then. Have a nice day ;)

My plans for today.


A couple of days ago on the subway I overheard a man of about 40-50 years old having a conversation with someone on the phone.

– Go to translate.google.com. No, not translator, t-r-a-n-s-l-a-t-e. Dot google dot com. Try it. It works really great!*

Hm, really? Google translate works “really great”? Funny.


*No, I did not use Google translate when translating it into English.

I hope you all remember that I betted on Tranströmer for the Nobel Prize in Literature of 2011! Because the prize did go to… Tomas Tranströmer!

And then we’ll know who’ll be awarded with the Nobel prize in literature 2011. Wacthing the live cast. Go Tranströmer!

Spam? A lot.

Since a while back, the number of comments on my blog have increased quite a lot – the number of comments actual exceed number of entries (wohoo!). However, a big part of the comments I receive turn out to be spam.

From one side, you can say that this is slightly annoying, and that you’d rather have non-spam comments.

But then again, mustn’t this be yet another sign of how famous I’m becoming? Yet another sign of how my blog is being visited not only by my best friend but also by highly qualified spammers? Oh I say yes. In fact, what an honour!

Plus, it is also quite fun to read what they are writing. Apparently I am “somebody who actually knows what [I’m] talking about” and I “undoubtedly know easy methods to convey an issue to mild and make it important”. I “definetely have the gift”. Yep, this all shines through in my Epic-fail entry. I’ve conveyed the issue of how urban dictionary times my actions with suitable words to mild and made it important. Absolutely. Another funny comment was “lol everybody talks about dating”. Which is also… very true. I don’t even think I’ve mentioned dating in this blog, even less in that specific entry, but, yeah, if you say so.

One can’t write about French music without mentioning the French national anthem – La Marseillaise! Especially not when it’s so beautiful. If you want to learn any French song that is probably the one, so I thought I would. Or I have thought that I will try for quite a while, but I haven’t fully got to it yet. Maybe putting it up here will give me a little push, at least it will remind me of it, so here I go.

At first I thought I would put up a video with the full song, but I then came to my senses and realized that it is more important (and more encouraging if you want to learn it) to put up a clip of how beautiful it may be than of how extremely long it is. If you’ve seen La Vie en Rose/La Môme you know what I’m talking about. It’s a young Edith Piaf singing it, and she does it really well!

Here are the entire lyrics, the part in bold is the chorus:

Allons enfants de la Patrie,
Le jour de gloire est arrivé !
Contre nous de la tyrannie,
L’étendard sanglant est levé, (x2)
Entendez-vous dans les campagnes
Mugir ces féroces soldats ?
Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras Egorger vos fils et vos compagnes !

Aux armes, citoyens,
Formez vos bataillons,
Marchons, marchons !
Qu’un sang impur
Abreuve nos sillons !

Que veut cette horde d’esclaves,
De traîtres, de rois conjurés ?
Pour qui ces ignobles entraves,
Ces fers dès longtemps préparés ? (x2)
Français, pour nous, ah ! quel outrage
Quels transports il doit exciter !
C’est nous qu’on ose méditer
De rendre à l’antique esclavage !

Quoi ! des cohortes étrangères
Feraient la loi dans nos foyers !
Quoi ! ces phalanges mercenaires
Terrasseraient nos fiers guerriers ! (x2)
Grand Dieu ! par des mains enchaînées
Nos fronts sous le joug se ploieraient
De vils despotes deviendraient
Les maîtres de nos destinées !

Tremblez, tyrans et vous perfides
L’opprobre de tous les partis,
Tremblez ! vos projets parricides
Vont enfin recevoir leurs prix ! (x2)
Tout est soldat pour vous combattre,
S’ils tombent, nos jeunes héros,
La terre en produit de nouveaux,
Contre vous tout prêts à se battre !

Français, en guerriers magnanimes,
Portez ou retenez vos coups !
Epargnez ces tristes victimes,
A regret s’armant contre nous. (x2)
Mais ces despotes sanguinaires,
Mais ces complices de Bouillé,
Tous ces tigres qui, sans pitié,
Déchirent le sein de leur mère !

Amour sacré de la Patrie,
Conduis, soutiens nos bras vengeurs
Liberté, Liberté chérie,
Combats avec tes défenseurs ! (x2)
Sous nos drapeaux que la victoire
Accoure à tes mâles accents,
Que tes ennemis expirants
Voient ton triomphe et notre gloire !

Nous entrerons dans la carrière
Quand nos aînés n’y seront plus,
Nous y trouverons leur poussière
Et la trace de leurs vertus (x2)
Bien moins jaloux de leur survivre
Que de partager leur cercueil,
Nous aurons le sublime orgueil
De les venger ou de les suivre